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‘Smile – sunshine is good for your teeth’. This recommendation of the unknown author is a cost-effective way to take care of teeth. However, there are people who shy away from following this simple advice because they think their teeth are not perfect. Innovative cosmetic dentistry technologies can give them more confidence. The article explores popular treatments offered by reputable dentistry clinics.,According to the latest statistics, nearly 70% of adults aged 34-44 have lost one tooth due to various reasons. Fortunately, now losing a permanent tooth is not a big problem as it can be replaced by dental implants. Present-day implants are made of durable porcelain coloured as the real tooth which lasts for years and requires the same care as natural teeth. They come as removable and conventional dentures as well removable and non-removable bridges.,Implants have titanium posts adjusted to them and special screws which keep them stay in place. Patients of cosmetic dentistry clinics need to consult with several specialists who determine how the treatment should be carried out and make fitting dental implants.,Dental crowns and bridges are also popularly used appliances for replacing missing teeth. Bridges are used to replace one or several missing teeth when there are healthy strong teeth at the sides. Healthy teeth are covered with special crowns which are connected by a bridge made of porcelain or precious metals. Bridges and crowns help hold in place artificial teeth. Yet, if there are remaining tooth parts doctors recommend using crowns which come in the tooth shape and are placed on broken teeth. This cosmetic dentistry treatment is good for broken natural teeth which are still strong enough to hold crowns.,People who don’t have straight teeth naturally may benefit from Inman aligners. These are innovative appliances used to put teeth in the necessary position with the help of continuous pressure. The Inman aligner treatment is a cost-effective and quick solution for straightening one’s teeth: it takes patients from one to four months to have teeth straight and prices are very friendly as compared to regular braces. For better effect patients need to wear Inman aligners on a constant basis as many hours a day as possible – the more hours Inman aligners are worn, the less time the cosmetic dentistry treatment takes.,Apart from that, patients can forget about regular visits to a doctor for additional adjustments. A good alternative for patients who struggle for straight teeth but don’t want it to be in the public eye is wearing invisible braces. These aligners are made of clear materials which are barely noticeable when they are in place.,If the only reason why patients don’t smile is their teeth colour, specialists offer them to undergo teeth whitening or have veneers adjusted. Teeth whitening is done with the help of special gel which lightens the colour of natural teeth. In some cases veneers may be a more effective solution – they are attached to the front part of teeth using dental glue and teeth look white again.,There is no need to hide a smile – innovative cosmetic dentistry technologies can make it beautiful.

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