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Can you remember that first day of your infancy, when you gradually stood up in your own legs and your Mother jumped out in joy? It was a dream come true and you life got a movement and then gradually you started to walk and then run. Have you ever thought in your wildest dreams that, one day you will have to go for knee replacement? The legs are very crucial for our total body systems to remain effective. It is to improve the patient satisfaction. The rehabilitation process requires time. There are generally two types of knee replacement, one partial and the other total knee replacement.,As we grow old gradually, our Hips also grow old along with our other parts of the body. The level of resistance becomes weaker, since the resistance power gets weakened. Generally the hips get affected due to the aging disease of the arthritis. So it is very much necessary for the preservation of the aging hip and not to expose it towards further damage. The disease of arthritis is affecting many middle age people also. As we lose our days of youth, our bones suffer corrosion and this process naturally accelerates with the aging process.,The main aim of the knee replacement is for minimizing the damage of the soft tissues and also to reduce the requirements of the blood transfusion process. This may also require shorter stay at the hospital. It will certainly accelerate the recovery process of the patient and he will be able to leave the hospital early. Nowadays Minimally invasive knee surgery is being done to reduce the time process and for the patients comfort. In the process of preservation of the aging hip, the patients are advised to have some calcium rich diet and also a diet rich in minerals and also some related hip exercises.,The knee replacement requires the cutting and shaping of the arthritic parts of the affected knee. The total knee implants are done by surgeons, generally using Titanium, cobalt-chrome or polyethylene material. These implants are always cemented to the bone using the special bone cement to ensure the proper fixation of the implants. If aging people falls off from a height it can cause bone fracture and this could lead to grave consequences. It may leave him bed ridden for a long period of time. So in order to get rid of it the preservation of the aging hips, there actual preservation are also very much necessary.

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