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Technology in the medical field has developed rapidly over the past few decades, and it now allows for faster and more accurate diagnoses than ever before, which, in turn, allow for faster and better recovery than in the past.,One of the major advancements in medical technology was the creation and development of the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner.,This tool is used to produce both preventative scans and diagnostic scans. Unlike many other types of medical technology and machinery which use radiation, the MRI scan uses a magnetic field to determine the cause and diagnose the problem.,It is fast and painless for patients.,Because the MRI uses a magnetic field, however, there are a few steps a patient must take to ensure they’re properly prepared for an MRI scan.,Note: Patients wearing pacemakers are not eligible for an MRI scan. The magnetic waves emitted by the machine may cause the pacemaker to act erratically which could become fatal.,Those patients who have been approved (are deemed good candidates) for this procedure should arrive at their physician’s office wearing clothing that does not contain any metal. For example, blue jeans, bras with clasps or underwire, and pants with metal components must be avoided. Instead, consider wearing sweatpants, a sports bra (for women), and a cotton shirt. In addition, metal accessories must be removed, such as glasses, hearing aids, and jewelry.,In addition, it is a good idea to leave credit cards at home, or in a locker outside of the examination room, as the magnetic field produced by the MRI may corrupt the information on the cards.,Those who are overweight, or who have a fear of closed spaces, should consider using an “open MRI.” While the magnetic imaging may not be as strong as those produced by a regular machine, the open MRI offers more comfort and will, in turn, reduce stress and anxiety.,The MRI scan usually takes up to an hour to complete. Once the procedure has been completed, the patient may resume normal daily activities.

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