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The physical complaints we hear most often concern pain and discomfort in the back and spine. Often people engage in work where they have a limited range of movement, with very few bodily positions. In the case of people who work at a desk, they can literally be frozen in a single position for a considerable period of time.,These rigidly held positions will result in stress. Depending on the type of work done, the body position can put continual pressure on areas of the back that are delicate, resulting in great strain. Poor posture at a desk also gives rise to physical strain and discomfort. It can take several hours before the effects of this stress are felt.,Stiffness, cramps and tension occur easily in the back because of the structure of the spine and back. The back requires frequent manipulation and movement. The spine needs to be stretched during the day.,Many people accept constant back pain. Others try short term solutions like hot baths or massage. But what is really needed is to loosen stiffness and cramps gradually by methodical self-manipulation, strengthening weak areas of the back. This will help prevent further back aches and pains. This can be done by applying yoga techniques. Many of the movements and postures are deceptively simple, but extremely effective. Exercises effect various areas of the back as needed such as the lumber, middle or upper areas.,A classic phrase used in yoga is that “you are as young as the spine is flexible.” Flexibility and suppleness of the spine throughout life is considered essential for true health. It is a sign of health and youth regardless of age, just as a stiffening spine is a sign of poor health and ageing.,Children naturally have spines that are elastic. But resilience is lost over time as children grow older unless they properly exercise. Youthful flexibility of the spine can be regained however even for much older people with enough patience, determination and regular practice of yoga.,The spine can respond remarkably quickly to yoga stretching movements, allowing it to elongate over just a few weeks practice.,Another belief of yoga is that much untapped energy lies dormant within the spine. Many yoga exercises are designed to bring this energy to life to become available to the body.,Please make sure you seek out a properly qualified yoga teacher who can take you through the various exercise routines and postures required to restore your spine to a flexible state and release the untapped energy.

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