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Are you considering plastic surgery? Thailand is the leading cosmetic surgery destination in the world and Bangkok is the capitol for plastic surgery in Thailand with internationally accredited hospitals and highly experienced plastic surgeons. Thousands of patients worldwide have already opted to have their plastic surgery in performed in Bangkok. The reason is that the plastic surgeons in Bangkok are among the best in the world and the prices are much lower than what you would pay for plastic surgery at home. In addition, you can recuperate at one of Thailand’s many amazing resorts after your plastic surgery in Bangkok.,As the effects of gravity, the aging process, sun exposure and the daily stress of life begin to take their toll the first place this all starts to show is in the face. Creases form between the mouth and nose, the line of the jaw becomes slack and jowls begin to form with deposits of fat appearing around the neck. Facelift surgery will help to correct these facial problems. Traditional face lift surgery is best suited for both men and women’s faces that have started to sag, but the skin still holds some elasticity along with a well-defined bone structure.,The facelift procedure can give you a younger and fresher appearance along with enhancing your self confidence. It will not however give you a completely different look or restore the health and vitality of your youth. You should think carefully before you decide to have a facelift procedure performed and discuss the expectations with your surgeon. Ask your doctor which of the several different variations may be best for your personal needs, the traditional facelift, the thread lift or the non-surgical Acculift.,A traditional facelift, technically known as Rhytidectomy will not stop the aging process, but can set back the clock of time by improving the most visible signs of aging with removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscle tissues, and redraping the skin of your face and neck. This procedure can be done alone or in addition with other procedures as well such as a forehead lift, eyelid surgery, or nose reshaping.,The Thread Lift procedure is less invasive and is performed with local anesthesia. Tiny incisions are made on the sides of the skin in the areas that are to be tightened. A hollow needle is inserted in one end through to the other end with barbed sutures being inserted through the needle and into the skin. The sutures on one end are fastened to the outer skin and lifted up while those at the other side are attached to the layer of tissue under the skin. To make sure there is no scaring the ends of the threads are stitched underneath the skin.,The Acculift technique is a new and advanced rejuvenation procedure that implements the use of the Acculift 1444 Laser. This non-surgical procedure was developed as an outpatient service for patients that prefer a quicker, less evasive option with long lasting results and a minimum recovery time.,The specialists at FaceLiftThailand .net are experts when it comes to all variations of facelift procedures and cosmetic surgery. With Medical Tourism becoming the new trend for facelifts and Thailand being the destination of choice let the staff at make all the arrangements for your trip to Thailand and what ever type of facelift surgery you want to have. Please contact FaceLiftThailand .net with any questions or concerns about your trip to the “Land Of Smiles’. It is never too late for a new and younger you!

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