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No matter where you go, having a certain level of self-respect and respect for others will take you a long way. Thailand has experienced a rise in the number of tourists who visit each year. The rate of tourist increase is anywhere between 15-20% with many seeking inexpensive cosmetic surgery in Thailand. Amid this influx of foreign visitors are some who unfortunately don’t take Thai customs and codes of behavior very seriously. These are individuals who ruin what should be a majestic experience as their conduct is not welcome. If you are unfamiliar with some customs that is perfectly understandable which is why we are giving you a brief guide.,Photography,Although you have traveled this far to have cosmetic surgery in Thailand, it would be a real shame not to have treasured memories of your vacation. Aside from the obvious ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of yourself, it is only natural to take photos of Thailand’s incredible array of sights. You will not find more extraordinary temples anywhere in the world than in Thailand for example. However, you need to be aware that certain buildings simply don’t allow photos to be taken. This is usually the case in areas that are considered sacred in Buddhism. Likewise, monks often don’t take kindly to having their photo taken. Certain tribes in Thailand believe that photographs capture their soul (a similar belief is shared by some Native American tribes) and will never allow a picture to be taken of them.,A Royal Mess,Did you know that defacing images of Queen Elizabeth II of England can be considered treasonous behavior in the UK? This is also the case in Thailand where criticizing the Royal Family in public or damaging property with their image on it are arrestable offences. The King and the rest of Thailand’s royalty are held in the highest regard by Thais so disrespect towards them is not tolerated. The last thing you want is to have cosmetic surgery in Thailand and spend the rest of your vacation explaining yourself to the authorities.,Nudity,A common misconception among those who are thinking of having cosmetic surgery in Thailand and turning the experience into a vacation is that Thailand is a nation where ‘anything goes’. Western media have a habit of misrepresenting South East Asia and their assertions that Thailand is a country for wild partying are not entirely true. There is no doubt that Thai cities have fabulous nightlife but people’s behavior during the day is extremely mild. Public nudity is not allowed and there are no topless beaches in Thailand. Thai people are modest in nature so keep yourself covered up! Keep your partying urges for after dark!,As cosmetic surgery in Thailand is performed by surgeons who are trained in US and European hospitals, you can rest assured that the procedure will be an unmitigated success. The rest of your enjoyment depends entirely on how you behave. Respect local traditions and the Thai culture and you can be sure that you’ll never have a better vacation in your life.

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