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CHINESE MEDICINE AND ACNE,We would appreciate a cure or Help for acne, anywhere we can find it. We may be able to finally find a cure in the ancient cures of the Chinese. Most people automatically think of acupuncture and ginseng and herbals, as Chinese medicine, and this is accurate. However this is just a part of a large area of traditional Chinese medicine, and also, it is a lot more involved than just those elements. It encompasses many treatments, substances and techniques.,tongrentang-traditional-chinese-medicine,The Chinese have been practicing these techniques for centuries. They have had a lot of time to perfect their treatments and skills. The principles of Chinese medicines is set in the nature of yin and yang. Yin being female and Yang of course, being male. The Chinese look at medicine completely differently in a lot of ways than western medicines. After yin and yang there are in this order, 3 fundamental substances, 5 elements, 6 environmental forces, 7emotions, 8 basic symptoms, 12 internal organs, 14 meridians o,r life forces, and there are other factors as well and different variations of all the above. These are all methods to cure in the quest for help for acne.,Without going into this in great detail we will attempt to generally understand how to treat acne with some Chinese methods. First of al, in western medicine bacteria is considered to be the culprit, the main cause of disease. In Chinese medicine diseases or considered to be caused by 6 external environmental forces, such as cold, wind, heat, summer heat, dampness, dryness, and even fire.,YIN and YANG,When an environmental force causes a disease, it is naturally the underlying cause or the responsible cause of the imbalance causing the disease or illness. A sickness or illness, disease is looked upon the cause as an imbalance of Yin and Yang. So Chinese medicine is going to treat the imbalance not the disease. So to return the body’s Balance of Yin and Yang herbal medicines are the primary tools. For more free unconventional cures go to help for acne,THE INNER YOU,Therefore the understanding of Chinese medicine is that inflammatory skin problems are a result of internal problems manifesting itself on the skin. Now this is not far from the thinking of western just makes sense to treat the inner you. Pimples and blemishes are signs of systemic conditions known in Chinese medicine as damp heat. So naturally the treatment would be to cool heat and dry the dampness.,I suggest combining some of the western acne clearing practices , with these Chinese medicinal techniques. Also If you are pregnant you should consult your physician before consuming any type of substances.,First the diet should be addressed. Avoid eating spicy foods. Avoid fried greasy foods , avoid any types of smoked or barbequed foods. Avoid dairy products.,.wash face twice a day very gently do not scrub,.Phellodendren bark, (clears heat, dries dampness, detoxifies fire impurities),.Jobs tears seeds (expells puss, drains damp, strengthen and feeds the spleen),hoeln mushroom (has calm effect on spirit, drains damp),pearl or (margarite pteria) zhen zhu (calms spirit, clears heat , promotes healing),Tree pony root (cools blood ,clears heat),Red peony root (peonia rubra) chi shao (cools blood, good fror blood),Chinese licorce root (glcyrrhiza Rx) gan cao (increases potency of the other herbs, detoxifies heat, harmonizes),Goldenthread root (coptides rz) huang lian (detoxifies fire poison),For a source for all the herbs and ingredients got to CHINESE MEDICINE These herbs and remedies, some of them have been used for thousands of years.

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