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There is not an alcoholic anywhere that does not want to stop drinking. Alcoholism is destructive. It is a constant battle. Each day the alcoholic rises, is a day that temptations take over and their will is lost. There are many different reasons why people drink.,One of the greatest tools that an alcoholic can arm themselves with is the knowledge to know how to quit drinking. This is not saying that each day will not be a battle. It will be, especially in the beginning. But, alcoholism is something that can be conquered and thousands of Americans are winning the battle of alcoholism daily.,The first step in the process is to get determined. Decide that you are going to quit. Use positive reinforcement each day when you get up and throughout the day. Remind yourself of the positive effect you are doing for yourself, your health and your loved ones. Be your own best friend. Tell yourself that you are doing something wonderful for yourself. Treat yourself. You must believe that you can quit. By reassuring yourself, are empowering yourself with the ability to quit.,Each alcoholic is different. Each drinks for various reasons. Get to know yourself. Consider why you drink to begin. Are you a drinker that drinks after work? Do you drink alone? Why do you drink and where you drink should both be addressed. Once you see your pattern, you can then work on breaking the habit.,List the benefits of what you are doing for yourself by putting the bottle down. This is an essential step in the process as you begin to lift your spirit and see the quality that you are achieving. Know that each day you don’t drink is a day that you feel better.,Always include positive reminders throughout your day. This is just as valuable as negative reminders. Remind yourself when you reach for that bottle that you are upsetting your life. You are falling backwards. You will not be gaining on your life’s journey.,Start to introduce some new routines into your life. Get involved in what you enjoy. Meet new people. Enhance your life and its surrounding by finding a new focus.,Alcoholism leads to both mental and physical problems. It is vital to stop the addiction and get the help that is needed. Millions of people have overcome alcohol addiction. Finding the support, the hand holding, the walking through the steps of the process to stop drinking is crucial. Breaking the addiction is starting a new life. One which you will begin to see just how much you lost. You will begin to eat regularly, feel good, change your priorities and begin to feel like a new person. With the proper help,you can succeed. The future is in your hands. Help is available and quitting the addiction starts with the belief that you can do it. It is a vicious cycle but one that can be broken. Begin to take the time to practice the steps to stop drinking.

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