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Many people believe that the effectiveness of treatment for depression will largely depend on the individual being treated. For most doctors, however, medication and psychological help are included in this best treatment.,The first thing to do to treat depression is to seek help. It is time to see a doctor if there is a deeper reason for “down” moods than just having a bad day. A patient suffering from depression will be given a prescription for anti-depressants and a referral to a psychotherapist by his or her doctor.,Widely-used medications, called anti-depressants, are used by doctors to treat depression. By balancing out brain chemicals, these drugs help treat depression. The different reactions of depressed people to situations are usually caused be a chemical imbalance in their brain.,The differences of each brand and type of drug may not be known by people who haven’t tried anti-depressants before. Many people experience side effects to these drugs. Finding the perfect anti-depressant may take some time as people may have to go through different kinds first. Some people are willing to endure the side effects because of the relieving power of the drugs with regards to their depression symptoms.,The medication should be taken regularly for 4 to 6 weeks before seeing any results. Because of this, patients feel like the medication isn’t working so they tend to disregard it. Even if they don’t feel the effects right away, it is important for depressed people to take their medication regularly. It may take a while for the medicine to get to the brain and balance out all the chemicals.,Only a low dosage of anti-depressants will be prescribed to a person who is just starting on them. This is because drastic side effects may be experienced when given high doses. An increase in dosage will only happen if the patient has a positive drug response. It is important to be aware that improvement in the moods of 70% of depressed people are seen after they started on anti-depressants.,Getting psychological treatment is also an option for the fast recovery of many depressed people. Counseling or therapies can also help improve the moods of people. Cognitive behavior therapy is probably the most helpful because patients are taught to think rationally about the potential problems that they might experience as they go through life.,It doesn’t matter what treatment for depression the depressed person gets as long as they get help from a medical professional. If untreated, depression may be responsible for suicide.

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